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All about: Kaolin/Pectin

Big Image Pronouncation: (KAY-oh-lin/PECK-tin)
Class: Antidiarrheal combination

Trade Names:
- Suspension 5.2 g kaolin, 2 g pectin/30 mL

Trade Names:
- Suspension 90 g kaolin, 2 g pectin/30 mL

Mechanism of Action


Absorbs fluid, binds and removes digestive tract irritants.



Not absorbed.


Up to 90% of pectin is decomposed in the GI tract.

Indications and Usage

Symptomatic treatment of diarrhea.


Use in infants and children younger than 3 yr of age without health care provider guidance; use for longer than 2 days or in presence of high fever; intestinal obstruction; colitis.

Dosage and Administration

All doses are given after each loose bowel movement.


PO 60 to 120 mL (regular strength) or 45 to 90 mL (concentrate) after each loose bowel movement.

Children 6 to 12 yr of age

PO 3 to 60 mL (regular strength) or 30 mL (concentrate) per dose.

Children 3 to 5 yr of age

PO 15 to 30 mL (regular strength) or 15 mL (concentrate) per dose.

General Advice

  • Shake suspension well before pouring.

Drug Interactions

Clindamycin, digoxin, lincomycin penicillamine (oral)

Decreased absorption may occur; separate administration times by 2 to 4 h.

Laboratory Test Interactions

None well documented.

Adverse Reactions


Constipation; fecal impaction (especially infants and elderly).



Category B .


Kaolin and pectin are not absorbed from GI tract; transfer into breast milk is not expected.




Patient Information

  • Instruct patient to take medication after each diarrheal or loose stool.
  • Advise patient to notify health care provider if diarrhea persists for longer than 48 h or if fever develops.
  • Caution patient not to exceed recommended dosage.

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