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All about: Magaldrate (Hydroxymagnesium Aluminate)

Big Image ( Hydroxymagnesium Aluminate ) Pronouncation: (MAG-al-drate)
Class: Antacid

Trade Names:
- Liquid 540 mg/5 mL

Trade Names:
- Suspension 540 mg/5 mL

Mechanism of Action


Neutralizes gastric acid, thereby increasing pH of stomach and duodenal bulb. Increases lower esophageal sphincter tone and inhibits smooth muscle contraction and gastric emptying.

Indications and Usage

Symptomatic relief of upset stomach associated with hyperacidity, including heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux, acid indigestion and sour stomach; relief of hyperacidity associated with peptic ulcer, gastritis, peptic esophagitis, gastric hyperacidity and hiatal hernia.


Severe renal dysfunction; hypophosphatemia; nausea; vomiting; severe abdominal pain; acute surgical abdomen; impaction; intestinal obstruction.

Dosage and Administration


PO 480 to 1080 mg 4 times daily as needed or to aid in peptic ulcer healing or chronic reflux, give 1 h and 3 h after meals and at bedtime (7 doses/day).


PO 5 to 10 mg/dose every 3 to 6 h or 1 h and 3 h after meals and at bedtime for peptic ulcer.


Store at room temperature (59° to 86°F).

Drug Interactions


Decreased pharmacologic effect of iron.


Decreased pharmacologic effect of ketoconazole.


Decreased effects of nitrofurantoin.


Decreased pharmacologic effect of penicillamine.


Increased pharmacologic effect of quinidine.


Decreased pharmacologic effect of quinolones.


Decreased pharmacologic effect of salicylates.

Sodium polystyrene sulfonate

Concomitant use may cause metabolic alkalosis in patients with renal failure.


Decreased pharmacologic effect of tetracyclines.

Laboratory Test Interactions

None well documented.

Adverse Reactions


Neurotoxicity; encephalopathy.


Diarrhea; constipation; intestinal obstruction; rebound hyperacidity.


Hypophosphatemia; hypermagnesemia.


Osteomalacia; bone pain; muscular weakness; malaise; decreased fluoride absorption; aluminum accumulation in serum, bone and CNS; milk-alkali syndrome.



Pregnancy category undetermined.



Renal Function

Use with caution in patients with renal function impairment to avoid hypermagnesemia and toxicity.

GI hemorrhage

Use with care in patients with recent massive upper GI hemorrhage.



Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, hypermagnesemia, hypophosphatemia.

Patient Information

  • Instruct patient to take medication 1 and 3 h after meals and at bedtime.
  • Warn patient not to take other medications within 2 h of antacid.
  • Review proper use of suspension or tablet form.
  • Advise patient to consult health care provider if problem recurs, if any symptoms that suggest bleeding occur (eg, black, tarry stools) or if patient has taken antacids for more than 2 wk.

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